90 Day Fiancé

Lifestyle, Romance, Dating

TMDB 7.6 / 10 by 38 votes

TMDB Summary: Getting through customs is just the beginning. With just 90 days to wed on a fiancé visa, follow international couples as they attempt to overcome cultural barriers and family drama while in search of true love that knows no borders.

WatchSeriedHD Summary: It’s a tale as old as time … boy & girl meet, boy & girl fall in love, girl gets special visa to visit the United States, boy & girl only have 90 days to decide the rest of their lives: get married or go back home. In the new TLC series 90 Day Fiance, viewers follow as five couples explore the complicated world of international romance. Four of the relationships will play out through Read More six one-hour episodes on TLC, while one relationship journey will air exclusively on TLC.com.

Network: TLC
Country: US
First Airdate: Jan/12/2014

Episode Listing
Season 8 08
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