Pokemon the Series

Animation General, Action, Adventure, Children, Fantasy

Pokemon is the story of Ash Ketchum, a young boy from Pallet Town who receives his first Pokemon at age 10, from Professor Oak, and sets out to be the greatest Pokemon trainer ever! Ash has a rival, Gary, who he use to be friends with when they were younger. Because Ash got to Professor Oak’s laboratory late, he could not get the Pokemon he wanted, a Squirtle, Ash ends up with Pikachu. Throughout the seasons Ash has meet new friends like Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, Max and Dawn and has participated in many new Pokemon Leagues. He has also caugh more than 40 Pokemon and Ash is right now journey in the Unova region along with newcomers Cilan and Iris. Ash continues to collect badges, whil Read Moree his friends enter battle club tournaments with him.
Network: Cartoon Network
Country: AJ
First Airdate: Sep/07/1998

Episode Listing
Season 20 20
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