Room 101


TMDB 6.7 / 10 by 11 votes

TMDB Summary: Fast-moving game show meets talk show, which sees Frank Skinner refereeing three celebrities each week as they compete to banish their top peeve or worst nightmare to the depths of Room 101.

WatchSeriedHD Summary: If you had the chance to banish something into Room 101, what would it be and why? Room 101, hosted by Nick Hancock (seasons 1-3) and then Paul Merton (season 4 onwards), gives people the chance to do so. They tell Nick Hancock, later Paul Merton, why it should be banished forever and then Nick Hancock, later Paul Merton, decides on whether it should be forever banished to the depths of Room 101. When the show retuned in 2012 after a four year gap, F Read Morerank Skinner took over as host and the show also moved to BBC One.

Network: BBC one
Country: UK
First Airdate: Jul/1994
Status: Ended

Episode Listing
Season 18 18
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