Shameless (US)

Comedy, Drama

TMDB 8 / 10 by 1259 votes

TMDB Summary: Chicagoan Frank Gallagher is the proud single dad of six smart, industrious, independent kids, who without him would be... perhaps better off. When Frank's not at the bar spending what little money they have, he's passed out on the floor. But the kids have found ways to grow up in spite of him. They may not be like any family you know, but they make no apologies for being exactly who they are.

WatchSeriedHD Summary: Based on the British series of the same name, Shameless is a comedy-drama that revolves around the Chicagoan Gallagher family of six kids who struggle to make ends meet while dealing with their alcoholic, deadbeat father, Frank Gallagher. With an a Read Morebsent mom and a drunk dad for parents, Fiona took on the responsibility of raising her five younger siblings: Lip, the smartest of the bunch; middle child, Ian, who dreams of joining the military; sweet Debbie, who is responsible beyond her years; second youngest and troublemaker, Carl; and adorable toddler, Liam. Opening Theme: “The Luck You Got” by The High Strung

Country: US
First Airdate: Jan/09/2011

Episode Listing
Season 11 11
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