Adventure, Drama, Mystery

TMDB 7.4 / 10 by 10 votes

TMDB Summary: Siberia is an American mockumentary series about a reality television show where 16 contestants must survive in the Siberian territory of Tunguska. The show was filmed in Birds Hill Provincial Park just north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It premiered on NBC on July 1, 2013. The first season was met with generally favorable reviews from critics and viewers, with average viewership per episode coming in around 2.03 million viewers. Metacritic scored the show with a 63 out of 100. The series concluded its first season on September 16, 2013.

WatchSeriedHD Summary: As part of a reality game, sixteen contestants descend on Siberia, near Tunguska. They take up res Read Moreidence in a settlement where the people mysteriously disappeared without a trace over a hundred years ago. At first the contestants compete against each other for the chance to win $500,000. However, they soon discover that they are fighting for their lives when the sky fills with green flame, mysterious creatures stalk the woods, and the production camp is wiped out. When a mysterious snowstorm strikes in summer, the contestants must try and make their way to safety with little more than the clothing on their backs.

Network: NBC
Country: US
First Airdate: Jul/01/2013

Episode Listing
Season 1 01
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