The Soup


TMDB 5.9 / 10 by 18 votes

TMDB Summary: With this satirical series, the E! Entertainment Network returns to a format they helped create with the popular '90s show Talk Soup. Only this time instead of just poking fun at talk shows, they're setting their sights on all things in entertainment, reality TV, pop culture, and politics.

WatchSeriedHD Summary: “Bad TV makes for good Soup.” This Emmy-winning show, hosted by comedian Joel McHale, serves up a wickedly funny, fast-paced smörgÃ¥sbord of the most titillating — and at times tasteless — segments on talk TV. From The Tonight Show to Jerry Springer, the show covers the gamut. Shortly after Talk Soup ended, this updated p Read Morerogram was originally named “The What the ? Awards,” but soon after the premiere changed to its current name and format. The success of the show is evident in the number of spin-offs it has spawned. These include The Dish, Sports Soup, Web Soup, and the UK counterpart Celebrity Soup.

Network: E!
Country: US
First Airdate: Jul/01/2004
Status: Ended

Episode Listing
Season 13 13
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