Unusually Thicke

Comedy, Family

TMDB Summary: Alan Thicke, one of Hollywood’s most famous TV dads, stars in the role of his life in Unusually Thicke, an original reality sitcom—but not even seven seasons as Dr. Jason Seaver on Growing Pains could prepare him to be the patriarch of his own real-life modern family. Between his feisty younger wife, Tanya, his opinionated teenage son, Carter, and his iconic career, Alan has his hands full in a unique series that follows the family’s daily drama and humor.

WatchSeriedHD Summary: Not even seven seasons as Dr. Jason Seaver on ‘Growing Pains’ could prepare Alan Thicke to be the patriarch of his own modern family. Between his fiery, half-his-age, Read More Latina wife, Tanya, and his three sons–teenaged know-it-all Carter, pop star Robin, and Brennan, owner of a marijuana dispensary–Alan Thicke has his work cut out for him as a father, a husband, and a Hollywood actor, writer, and icon. Even amongst the chaos of jet-setting around the globe and relaxing (or not) with his family on his seven-acre estate in Santa Barbara, Alan remains one of the most prominent and multi-talented figures in Hollywood. He’s earned one Golden Globe® nomination and seven Emmy Award® nominations (five for writing and two for acting), composed some of the most hum-worthy TV theme songs in history (‘Diff’rent Strokes’ and ‘The Facts of Life’), authored two parenting books, and continues to grace the airwaves with guest appearances on popular TV series like ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘LA Complex’. ‘Unusually Thicke’ follows the hilarious, action-packed and dramatic daily lives of Alan’s real-life family.

Network: Slice
Country: CA
First Airdate: Apr/16/2014

Episode Listing
Season 2 02
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